Preparing for Machu Picchu

March 26th, 2012 Comments Off on Preparing for Machu Picchu

…so this weekend we did a 3-hour, 6-mile hike with a 1400 ft altitude gain (and drop) and my legs were super sore the following day. That is a little less strenuous than DAY 1 OF 4 of our upcoming Machu Picchu hike, and it will be at HIGH altitude.  Am I a wee bit nervous? Um, yes. I have 2 months to get a little more confident with my fitness level.

Here’s how the hike will break down:

Day 1:
Elevation gain: 1312 feet
Distance: approx 7.5 miles
Approx walking time: 5.5 hours

Day 2:
Elevation gain: 1640 feet
Distance: approx 7 miles
Approx walking time: 7.5 hours

Day 3:
Elevation gain: -2788 feet (with ups and downs)
Distance: approx 10 miles
Approx walking time: 8 hours

Day 4:
Elevation gain: -820 feet (with ups and downs)
Distance: approx 3.5 miles
Approx walking time: 2.5 hours

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