We Should Have Feared the Sandwich

May 22nd, 2012 § 5 comments

We are both sick, a new record for our travels. Getting this sick so early on is almost comical–if not for my sore abdominal muscles from barfing all night, I might laugh.

I think it was the sandwiches we shared at lunch yesterday. By 7 pm the slow dawning of dread related to illness while traveling crept into the bed with me and by 8 pm, it was on. Benjamin followed by an hour or 2. I feel bad for the horrible noises our neighbors had to endure.

I’m feeling pretty weak today and can’t really eat anything but dry toast… We have until Thursday morning to feel normal or cancel the hike. That’s when they require full payment (2 days prior). And we were so careful not to twist an ankle or anything up until this point, only to have the adventure potentially squashed by a few bugs.

Today we’re off to the airport and Cuzco and its taking everything we have to just be upright.


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